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Saturday, November 21

8:15am EST

9:30am EST

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Sunday, November 22

8:00am EST

9:00am EST

Book Creator: Sparking Creativity in the Classroom S6-2Kathy Uerz • Sullen Terranova Blended Learning and TPACK: How Teachers Can Use the Method to Engage Students S6-13Maria Esposito Redefine Traditional Instructional Best Practices to Remote Learning Environment S6-6K. Virginia Bond • Lora Parks Computational Thinking Concept Area: Unpacking the NYSED Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards S6-14Cameron L Fadjo, PhD • David Czechowski Digital Art in a Virtual World S6-1Andrew Wheelock Not Just a Distraction! Scholastic Esports as a Powerful Learning Tool! S6-12Lisa Blank • Gerald Solomon • Laylah Bulman Multigenre Research Project: Innovation and Choice S6-8Rachel McDonald • Sarah Ostrom • Sten Anderson Operation Game ReDesign: Building Quests for Personalized Learning S6-9Michele Haiken Tailoring Classroom Technology Tips for Learning Outside the Classroom S6-7Monica Burns Admin Practical Guide to a Digital Vision S6-3Patrick Darfler-Sweeney Managing Your District’s EdTech in a Rapidly Evolving Learning Environment S6-11Greg Terry • Jeremy Wood Leading on Empty: Secondary Trauma in School Leaders S6-15SAANYS Presenter • Dr. Sharon Archer, Ed. D. Overwhelmed with Change? Talk It Out with a Mentor Coach. S6-17SAANYS Presenter • Dr. Bonnie Tyron Steps to Build Diversity Among School Leaders S6-16SAANYS Presenter • Dr. Luvelle Brown • Dr. Oliver Robinson Preparing your district to meet the New York State SEL Benchmarks S6-10Shawn Young STEAM Power: Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum S6-4Tim Needles

10:15am EST

12:40pm EST

Advanced Features of Google DRIVE and Docs-Work More Effectively S7-2Carol LaRow Simplifying hybrid learning with Nearpod S7-11The Nearpod Team Google Classroom in the Elementary School S7-5Paige Culver • Heather Cirelli Join the Hype Club! How to Hype it Up with Hyperdocs S7-6David Lockhart #CoolTools4School S7-8Megan Cernaro • Tiffany Carpenter • Michelle Majerus App Smackdown 8: App for All Devices S7-7Richard Colosi • Jason Kathman • Monica Burns • Ryan Orillio • Richard Mathy • Mike Amante Trends With Benefits S7-14Ryan McGinnis • Rob Miller Impacts of Computing Concept Area: Unpacking the NYSED Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards S7-12Laurie Guyon Supporting Students in the Digital Environment S7-3Sherry Perry Using Standards Based Grading to Transform the Learning Environment S7-9Nicole Mucica • Jessica Colavecchia • Angela Messenger Protecting Student Data - It's Everyone's Responsibiity S7-13Dr. Madalyn L. Romano Administrator Burnout: Why It Matters, and What You Can Do About it S7-15SAANYS Presenter • Sarah Cioffi • Dr. Drew Anderson Creating Conditions for Time Management in Today’s School Settings S7-17SAANYS Presenter • Dr. Larry Dake The Evolving Role of the Assistant Principal in the Current Environment S7-16SAANYS Presenter • Kristen Lennon-McMahan Embracing Authentic Digital Leadership, Student Voice & Agency through Social Media S7-1 Spotlight Speaker: Jason Latimer Main StageJason Latimer ScratchJr: Creative Computing in Early Elementary S7-4Brian DeBoyace

1:40pm EST

2:20pm EST

Monday, November 23

10:00am EST

11:10am EST

1:30pm EST

Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter S10-2Kimberly Lewis Building an Online Community in a Primary Classroom S10-5Alana Winnick • Laurie Guyon Tools for Schools for Supporting the Implementation: Unpacking the NYSED Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards S10-14Lisa Blank • Teresia Parker Blended Learning 2020 Edition: What we Learned from School Shutdowns and How to Prepare for the New Normal S10-6Greg Smith • Dana Gaska • Jing Lezzi Hybrid Classrooms and Remote Learning for K12 Institutions S10-15Maureen Corlett Formative Assessment to Engage Students S10-7Nicole Mucica • Jessica Colavecchia • Angela Messenger Interactive Student Journaling in Digital Spaces S10-9Monica Burns Student Projects Redefined with Project Management Techniques and Tools S10-10Paula Cancro Readefine: Books for Rethinking our Roles S10-3April Binkley Google Classroom with a Twist: The Google Tech Hub S10-13Heather MacQueen • Elyse Wilson • Elizabeth Scalcione The Impact of Wireless Technology and how it Provides Valuable Insights into Curriculum Delivery S10-11Ashley DeSalvatore • Jared Heiner • Brian Schillaci Enhancing One's Literacy Experience With Technology S10-1William Dove • Dr. Jennifer W. Dove The New Normal: Let’s get Real and Authentic S10-12Dodie Ainslie Empathy Drives Design Thinking: 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands in Classroom MakerSpaces S10-4Lyndsey Wells • Andrew Nikola • Daniel Roberto • Art Schouten • Tara Koehler • Jessica Turner • John Sammon Introduction to Hummingbird Robotics S10-8Aaron Nolan

2:30pm EST

3:10pm EST

4:10pm EST

Tuesday, November 24

8:45am EST

9:30am EST

10:30am EST

11:30am EST